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exceptional residential representation

Sandy Justen, Citrone partner

Sandy Justen is a people person to the core. She’s gracious, intuitive, and up for just about anything as long as (she assures us) it’s not illegal or immoral.

Still, those who know her know there’s steel under that elegant exterior. She successfully parlayed a professional nursing career to one in the highly competitive field of commercial print sales. Later, she transitioned to real estate sales as a dedicated representative at one of the most successful residential projects in downtown Seattle—Fifteen Twenty-One Second Avenue.

Clearly, Sandy was—and is—all about achieving the best results for her clients.

Today, Sandy lives in downtown Seattle with her husband, developer William Justen. Travel is her passion. Bicycle in tow, she’s visited the wine country in Italy, France and South Africa as well as in California, Oregon and Washington states. She’s active in the arts and theater scene, and is a member of the Downtown Seattle Association.

sandy@citrone-partners.com 206 369 6393

Citrone partner Julie Biniasz on what makes Sandy great:

“Sandy’s an extremely articulate negotiator who knows when to hold and when to give. She’s also one of the most highly motivated people I’ve ever met (okay, she’s also a tad competitive, but in a good way!). Most importantly, she has a great spirit and effortlessly connects with people. Sandy’s passion for life is evident in all things.”


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